Transitions and New Beginnings

It’s been my intention to post about once a month to keep my patients informed about orthopedic conditions and office events. I haven’t posted in a while, and if you’ve been to my office in the past month you’ve probably discovered why I’ve been so busy: I’m moving!

If you follow health care issues in the US, you probably know that our health care delivery systems are changing, and private practices are closing or merging with other practices. My own practice has been considering options and have decided on the plan that works best for us. Dr. C. Arthur Sciaroni will be completing his retirement, and Dr. Missirian will be focusing his practice more on his specialty area of foot and ankle.  I, of course, would like to continue my active and vibrant practice for many years, and I found a great opportunity to do that with the San Francisco Multispecialty Medical Group.

This is a large, multi-location group that developed in the niche of treating work related injuries and have leveraged that strength to grow in management of private orthopedics.  Each of my new offices is within blocks of the old one, making the transition easy.  I will still have locations in both San Francisco and Daly City.  I am thrilled about the move and the benefits to my patients.  I can now offer high resolution fluoroscopy in the office (great quality low radiation x-ray) as well as ultrasound.  For those of my patients that do have work related injuries, the staff are already experts on the complex system of documentation and authorization required.

Starting tomorrow, you will find me at the new locations.  All the contact information has been updated on my website,  I am thrilled and impressed by the great staff at the San Francisco Multispecialty Medical Group and I think the patient experience will be excellent.  There can always be some bumps in transition, so please remember if you have any issues contact me on the website.