Over the Counter Pain Meds – What You Need to Know

We all take an over-the-counter pain reliever from time to time, medications like Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve.  But many people don’t understand the similarities and differences between them.  knowing a little about their function and their risks/benefits can help you decide what’s medication may be best for you – or to decide to use a heat or ice pack instead.  Here’s a link to some helpful information.

Stress Fractures

Early in the year many of us start to plan our upcoming sports goals and events. By the time we reach March or April, some of us start going a little overboard, and people start showing up in my office with stress fractures. It’s important to remember that bone is more than just a structural scaffold – it’s a dynamic living tissue that is constantly remodeling to accommodate the stresses we place upon it.  If we repetitively stress a bone beyond it’s capacity to remodel and don’t rest enough to let it catch up, a stress fracture can be the result.  Here’s some useful information about stress fractures from a reliable source. I hope it’s useful.